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Starlight Investments is a Canadian real estate asset management company based in Toronto, Ontario.


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Current Employee - Site Administrator says

"No communication, no help, no growth."


"Business is going down over last few years."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"After leaving Greenwin, I have been hearing from multiple sources that HR has been gossiping about me inside of the workplace. Both the assistant and head of the department are unprofessional, by openly talking badly about me - a former employee - while forgetting all the details of how things happened when I was working there. I had legitimate reasons to complain about this department yet chose to let their careless actions and accusations go. Now I regret not putting in a formal complaint, like I should've a long time ago."

Representative (Former Employee) says

"I took the job because the ad on here said it came with an apartment. 3 property managers and a year later, it did not. They expected me to be on call for emergencies and would not let me have an apartment on the property. "Emergencies " as it turned out were flipping breaker switches and letting in the cable person. Fortunately the only times the fire alarm went off, it was a false alarm. It took me twenty minutes to get there, which isn't all that long, unless you are on fire or trapped on your apartment and nobody know you are there. Not sure of the legality of all of this. One fireman told me he was going to write a letter to my head office but I don't know that he did. When I quit, I gave two weeks notice. Management will shamelessly lie to your face and steal from you. They shorted my cheque by hundreds of dollars and I am now sitting here composing a letter to the Ministry of Labour.Location of property was nice.The property management company was actively ruining everything that made it nice."

Senior Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Positive feedback and encouragement from the Senior Management. Very good at positive reinforcement for the Managers. Excellent work at bringing a positive feeling to the staff and the direct reports."

Regional Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was responsible for meeting the needs of all the tenants in the building and co-ordinating contract work throughout. I would maintain an organized office and complete correspondence to tenants. I would be responsible for taking rental payments and entering purchase orders into the system. I would have to follow up on all purchase orders and tenant requests. I would respond to telephone inquiries with professionalism and prepare legal documents. I was efficient in many computer programs to ensure the completion of jobs.Friendly co-workersUnorganized and unprofessional"

Accounts Payable Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Management has very poor interpersonal skills. Lots of gossiping and not a very professional environment at all."

Administrative/Residential Manager (Former Employee) says

"At the end of the day it paid my bills. Mom and sister moved it. Wonderful location. Windermere Avenue and the Queens Quay. I worked hard, but prioritized. Great to work alone and also the people (tenants) the majority anyways, were wonderful people. It was a community building."

Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"I would prefer not to provide any feedback on this employer."

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very rewarding job to assist those that are most in a need. Serving elderielies and making them smile, made my day! The very often changes of the midd management team, makes it very difficult to cope with different mentalities that come and go. The hardest part to deal with those that have personal and hidden agendas and that trying to achieve them through you, especially when they are your superiors. The most enjoyably part is to work and service the older people and those in a need. Working with the board members to make a better community was a great things too.Having expenses coveredDealing with difficult superior"

Site Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"happy to encounter different scenarios daily to keep your from getting bored. like dealing with tenants, contractors and project managers. Happy to help tenants resolve daily issues and learn about them."

Superintendent (Former Employee) says

"the job was very intense learned a lot from it. it was a continues job worked Monday to sundays all day. got to know all tenants and what they were like learned a lot about people from this job. there was conflicts but that is normal in this job but was nothing I couldn't handle."

LEASING AGENT (Former Employee) says

"Great property to work at. Depending on the Management it could make or break your day. Great people in the Head Office-great Support. Great clients and busy"

Property Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Typical day included but not limited to assisting clients, rent collections, preparing clients files/leases, assisting managers with daily work, coordinating supers with work to be completed, past tenant files, collections, letters, legal letters. Working with 3rd party staff and contractors to complete necessary work. Scheduling work to be completed. Ordering office supplies and maintaining stock.Amazing Staff Members and ManagersNeeded more corporate suport"

Tenant says

"Absolute worst experience I\'ve ever had. No communication, no help. Linda DaSilva is the office administrator for my building and is the rudest, most unprofessional person Ive ever had to deal with. It takes months for repairs to get done, phone calls, emails etc are not answered, they try to give rent increases without notice, they lie to suit thier needs etc. I can\'t say enough. "

Wouldn\'t you like to know says

"Cockroach infested buildings. Useless super & management. Never clean. No masks are ever worn. No problems are ever dealt with. Unnecessarily loud neighbours."

Liz says

"This is a cautionary tale - I was willing to give Greenwin a chance when they suddenly took over the Property Management of our building. I was uneasy about the takeover as they have such a bad reputation online, but I thought maybe I could “work with them” as I saw that they do charity work and seemed pet positive. It’s been a nightmare. They have renovated the empty units and are tearing the place apart in order to charge a lot more in rent. Yes, I understand that’s what Starlight Investments does - The corporation buys buildings with “affordable rents” in order to “upgrade them”. They are asking $1,800 plus water for a one bedroom in a very old building that has a host of issues. The units are newly renovated and at first glance they look okay. PLEASE do yourselves a favour if you see a Greenwin building boasting “newly renovated units” and your considering renting from them - go online and research the address! Ask remaining tenants (if any of them end up staying) how they’ve been treated by the Property Management. Ask people about the quality of workmanship, repairs and service. Read reviews like this one by a tenant who was very happy in the building until they took over. The communication, quality, care and safety of the remaining tenants has been atrocious. I found somewhere else to live as I didn’t feel safe with Greenwin. My neighbour is still waiting for repairs to her unit and it’s been 3 weeks. ( It’s clear they are hoping we all get frustrated and clear out). You can ignore this warning, but take my advice and do your research. Renter beware!"